Samuel L. Jackson was photographed heading through LAX, presumably coming from Atlanta where he’s currently filming Avengers 4. Since I’m not up on the MCU shooting schedule, I only know Samuel L. Jackson was in Atlanta this weekend because of Yvonne Orji’s and Issa Rae’s Instagram feeds.

On Sunday, Yvonne Orji aka Molly from Insecure posted a series of photos that brought me so much joy, I was huddled in a corner obsessing over my phone and ignoring my family during our Thanksgiving celebrations. Apologies to my fam but LOOK AT ALL OF THIS BLACK EXCELLENCE.

First, I love Issa and Yvonne’s text exchange. It makes me miss Molly and Issa’s friendship on Insecure so hard. Also, I want to thank them both for doing this for the culture. If you scroll through Yvonne’s #LemonPepperKickback photo album, you’ll find Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, Lil Rel Howery, Janelle Monae, Amandla Stenberg, Luke James and Jidenna, just to name a few of Young Black Hollywood’s elite that all got together in the same room to eat lemon pepper wings and revel in their collective dopeness. Then, Yvonne revealed that Samuel L. Jackson came through.



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Keeping up with Issa’s Insta stories is my new favourite pastime. Where else are you going to find Samuel L. Jackson eating a chicken wing while Issa hilariously narrates and asks him, “Why are you here?”

If Samuel L. Jackson blessed one of my parties with his presence, I’d be asking him the same thing. I’d also ask him to reenact all of his most famous scenes from movies. And this is why Samuel L. Jackson should never come to a Lemon Pepper Kickback at my place.

Black Twitter is now calling for #LemonPepperKickback to become an annual festival. Issa and Yyonne brought these entertainers together because they are all currently working in Atlanta. As much as I would love for this to turn into its own Essence Fest, I think we’re going to have to settle for living vicariously through social media.

I’ll leave you with this tweet that made me laugh out loud but also perfectly summed up why this image makes me so happy. This is the level of black joy I aspire to achieve on a daily basis. After a long weekend, here’s your Fake Monday motivation.