I am not mature enough to not talk about Channing Tatum’s dick now that Sandra Bullock has talked about his dick. Specifically not looking at his dick, but we’ll get there. 


Sandra Bullock was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night promoting her upcoming rom-com The Lost City, co-starring Channing Tatum with a cameo by “Braddy P”, aka Brad Pitt. I will watch the sh-t out of this movie and I don’t give a sh-t if it’s bad. It won’t be bad in my books because it’s a comedic movie starring movie stars making each other laugh – and making each other crazy – while falling in love. How is that ever a problem? As Sandra told Stephen, The Lost City is a throwback to how films used to be when they were funny with big scope and action and great actors. Good. I miss those. The Batman isn’t bringing me back to the theatre in 2022, but this movie might.

Sandy’s been busy the last few days doing press and appearances. She was at SXSW on the weekend and last night attended the NY premiere. Daniel Radcliffe was there who she seems to adore, telling  Stephen that DanRad is “beyond brilliant, kind, funny, handsome, a mensch, really good guy”. That’s generally what everyone says about DanRad, and me too. I’ve interviewed him probably at least a dozen times now over the years and he is never not gracious and sweet and considerate and I LOVE what he’s doing in this phase of his career. 


Channing, however, was not on the carpet last night and hasn’t yet officially popped up for any promo. Must be a scheduling thing because he’s usually pretty involved with marketing. That said, it’s not like he didn’t come up in conversation. More accurately, his dick came up in conversation, no pun intended. Sandy and Stephen talked about the nude scene which starts with them arguing hilariously about whether or not you can see Chan’s full ass crack in the movie and disagreeing about what constitutes a crack. From there we move onto the cock. During the nude scene Sandy’s character has to talk to Chan’s penis – it’s the part in the trailer where he’s naked and they’re in some kind of swamp and there might be leeches. I’m sure we all know by now that scenes aren’t just filmed once – they usually do it multiple times. So, um, she must have gotten a very, very good look? 


Sandy says she didn’t look… or notice, LOLOLOL forever. Anyway she has an explanation for it and I don’t want to spoil it for you but just watch, the whole thing is delightful and she and Stephen obviously enjoy each other and it’s exactly the kind of Big Movie Star talk show appearance that makes a case for movie stardom, movie stars like Sandy. And she even brought a blooper reel. And she has the best beachy waves in the business.