The last time Sandra was on Netflix was almost two years ago this coming December, when Bird Box became the movie of the holiday season. Sandra Bullock has been in Vancouver the last few weeks shooting a Netflix movie based on a British miniseries called Unforgiven about a woman released from prison after 15 years trying to reenter society. So… definitely not a rom-com. Sandra hasn’t starred in a rom-com in a long time. Since The Proposal and All About Steve with with Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, right? That was 2009. How has it been that long!?


It was announced this week that Sandy is back in the rom-com game. “Action romance” is actually what they’re calling it – a movie called The Lost City of D (is “D” for, um, dick? Or desire? Probably desire) about a romance writer who creates a fictional city that’s actually real and goes looking for it, hijinks and love are encountered on the way. Like Romancing the Stone? There’s word that Ryan Reynolds may co-star although according to Deadline, the deals aren’t done yet – and timing may be an issue because they want to get going on this quite soon and Ryan’s schedule might not accommodate. 

While I understand why people are excited and hoping for a Sandy and Ryan reunion, because they were great together in The Proposal, I don’t know that I need them to be the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of new generation. I’d rather see Sandy play off someone else, a fresh pairing. You know what might be interesting? 

Sandra Bullock and Will Smith in a rom-com together. They’re both major headliners. They can both do comedy and particularly the comedy of stressful situations (the anxious whisper/yell – “what? where? what the f-ck is happening?!" – is an underrated acting skill). And they both have a strong relationship with Netflix. 

Who’s with me on this?