Is it? Have Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall been to a premiere together before? I can’t remember. Usually I have a good memory with these things – a great memory, actually. That said, I don’t think we are supposed to remember because she’s kept this relationship super low-key. Which is why Bryan was there with her at the Ocean’s 8 premiere last night but he wasn’t walking the carpet. They did arrive hand in hand though. They’re a great looking couple, non? 

You know what you can tell about Bryan? Or at least what I’m projecting onto him? He’s happy to NOT be on the carpet with her. This is not a dude who in any way feels diminished when waiting for her inside. Looking back, this is the opposite of what we only noticed later in Jesse James only double – waiting inside would have diminished him, but he probably felt diminished anyway because he’s Jesse James and she’s Sandra Bullock

At post time, Ocean’s 8 is sitting at 79% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes which, to me, isn’t bad at all. Ocean’s Eleven is 82% and that’s taken from reviews released at the time, in 2001, when the state of the movie star was much healthier. I’m not sure the rating matters though in this case, at least not for me. For this movie, I’m trusting people I know, like Sarah, who know me, because Ocean’s 8 isn’t just a movie, it’s a time. You go for a good time, with friends, and you go so that afterwards you can repeat back to each other your favourite lines and debate about your favourite looks and crank up the music in the car, windows down, and speed down the freeway on the way home and pretend you’re in the montage part of the movie, getting away with the crime.