Did you blurt out a “huh?” when you read that title? It is a statement of fact though. I haven’t lured you here on false pretenses. Sarah Ferguson is bringing the romance, this is what’s happening. And I think… if you haven’t seen it yet…you might thank me for showing you what you are about to watch. I’ve been having a panicky morning, juggling all kinds of sh-t and deadlines and it’s going to be like this until Friday at 6pm but these 90 seconds really gave me a lift. Are you ready? Please enjoy. “But do you dare?” 


Lady Margaret “loves to ride side-saddle”. This is the first thing we learn about Lady Margaret. That she loves to ride side-saddle. And, yes, I get it that riding is often associated with aristocrats and royals and all that but… the whole side-saddle thing is usually, especially in old-timey times, about virginity. Like pure ladies don’t ride astride. So if Sarah is opening with “meet Lady Margaret, she loves riding side-saddle”, basically the takeaway here is…Lady Margaret loves her virginity? And since it’s a romance, presumably, at some point Lady Margaret’s side-saddle situation is going to become a straddle. 


That’s a common romance novel plot, no doubt, it’s just hilarious to watch a video of the Duchess of York using euphemisms to make it sound more… proper. But are we getting a book in which Fergie writes passages about Lady Margaret’s noble petals being parted by some Lord’s tumescent sabre? I guess she’s jumping on the Bridgerton hype. But also…

This is squick on so many levels, including the fact that, well, a romance writer imagines certain romantic situations, and imagination and experience often intersect which means, um, some of the scenes in this historical romance may be inspired by Fergie’s own romantic history and I don’t know about you but my mind goes to Prince Andrew and, really, who wants to associate Prince Andrew with sex right now? 


I guess some people because there are a few comments from readers who are excited to read this book. And then there’s this tweet which is just… chef’s kiss: