Just wanted to alert you to this in case you haven’t seen it because it made me laugh. Yesterday was Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s first birthday and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a video of him reading with Meghan. The book was Duck! Rabbit! 


Cut to today and Sarah Ferguson, who’s been doing readings on her social media, posted this:

Sorry, is it just me? This is really, really, really funny to me. Maybe it’s funny because a friend of mine called Fergie’s the “bootleg” version of Archie’s. LOLOLOLOLOL. 


How did this happen? Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe Sarah’s was pre-recorded and then Archie came along and stole her thunder. Should we blame Archie? Of course not, he’s a baby. Let’s blame his parents. His mother. She gets blamed for everything anyway. 

Still, the timing of this is just so comedic. Especially since, well, everything about the York branch of the British royal family has been weird and comedic – and, um, dark. From Andrew’s fat fingers to his sweat glands to his all his bungles and fumbles and now it’s Fergie’s knockoff and you’d think that her daughters would have been like, mummy, maybe pick a different book?! You know how it is. There’s no sense in inviting conversation if you don’t want there to be a conversation, right?