Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor celebrates his first birthday today. In the weeks leading up to this day, obviously a big day for all babies and their parents, we’ve been wondering whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be sharing new photos of Archie with us, and how, given that the Sussexes for now have no public communication channels.


Before we heard from the Sussexes though, we heard from other members of the royal family. Birthday wishes to Archie were posted by the social media accounts of the Queen, Prince Charles, and the Cambridges. 

Does the Clarence House message read a little…awkward? Harry isn’t mentioned. And it actually describes the photo?! “This photo of Archie and his grandfather….” OK but there’s a whole other person in the shot? 

After those messages were posted, the Sussexes released a new video of Archie, shot by Harry, reading with Meghan. The video was shared in support of Save the Children. Archie and Meghan are reading Duck! Rabbit! 



I love it when Archie starts whining at one point and then, literally a second later, he’s laughing. Also when Harry and Meghan can’t help but crack up at Archie getting bored of the first book and then getting another book only to throw it away. And for me, I’m always delighted when babies grab their feet, which is what Archie does at the end. What is it that’s so adorable about them grabbing those foot buns? That’s another thing about babies – their feet look like buns, it kills me. 

Now, zoom in on the book: 

Archie’s Book Club!

Who has the most famous book club? Some might say Oprah. And Oprah’s said before that it’s her favourite gift for babies. Is Archie reading a book that’s was given to him by Oprah Winfrey?