Filming on Hocus Pocus 2 has begun, and THIS is the only Sarah Jessica Parker revival I care about. The Sanderson Sisters are back, baby, and looking very Sandersony. You have to admire a cursed witch’s commitment to her aesthetic by way of not changing her clothes for centuries on end. You guys, I am SO GLAD this is a sequel and not a remake, it’s not even funny. Yes, by all means, expand the Hocus Pocus lore, thank the GODDESS you’re not making us sit through a lesser version of that which already exists. The gist of Hocus Pocus 2 is that the Sanderson sisters are back, and a new troop of kids have to defeat them, so we’re not breaking new narrative ground, except to see how the Sandersons come back from being turned to dust. 


Not pictured, though, is new cast member Sam Richardson, nor are we any clearer on Thora Birch’s potential involvement, but Doug Jones is coming back as Billy Butcherson—this dude has been acting through extensive prosthetics literally his whole career. And it doesn’t sound like there’s going to be any Thackery Binx, which makes sense, his story wrapped up neatly in the original, but the guy who played Binx has been on NCIS for a hundred years, so maybe he’d like a change of scenery? I mostly just want to check in with Dani, though, and see how she turned out as an adult, after having a crush on a cat as a child, a cat that turned out to be the cursed spirit of a Puritan boy. You’re not just getting over that, you know?