So how’s stuff looking down there? A bit of a shipwreck? I don’t know about you but not seeing my waxing lady in almost a year has really done a doozie in the bush department. Sh-t has been feeling and looking real grim lately. But the Pubic Hair Gods must have been looking out for me because I was recently introduced to this amazing Canadian company called Bush Balm.


 It’s exactly what you think it is. An all-natural skincare and ingrown hair prevention product line with every product you need to trim, groom, and repair. From a tangerine vanilla scented exfoliating scrub to beautifully scented oils, these products are stellar.

I was very, very skeptical but in the few weeks I’ve been testing the oils out – not one ingrown hair. That’s crazy in my world because any time I shave, things get real gnarly in that department so to say this is a game-changer is a vast understatement. All you need to do is exfoliate or dry brush the area and then once you get out of the shower you one pump chump some oil on your goods and let it do its magic.    


I personally double dose with the nude ingrown hair treatment oil and then follow up with the sweet escape. I have no clue if that’s what I’m supposed to do but that’s what’s working so I’m sticking with that regimen. I also have the Bermuda treatment oil that is said to diminish dark spots but I haven’t noticed anything yet; however the brand says it takes one to three months to see a difference. So while I can’t co-sign just yet, the reviews on their site are pretty top notch.

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