These last two weeks have been heavy, heavy, heavy but there have been a few glimmers of light throughout it all. For the purpose of what I do here on LaineyGossip and as the fashion producer on a national entertainment show, having my eyes opened to so many amazing Black women-led businesses has been wonderful. Brands I had never heard about sitting right under my nose in my own city so please let’s keep circulating this information so that we can all make sure these brands get the love they so deserve. With that said this week meet: Cherry Gardens, a Toronto brand whose tagline says it all: “loungewear of your dreams”.


Behind Cherry Gardens is Myla Davey. What I love about Cherry Gardens is that the brand makes a point of casting models of colour as Myla herself has struggled with bi-racial representation growing up in Vancouver. By day, Myla works at Roots as the Brand Marketing Manager and by night, she’s hustling away at Cherry Gardens. All her hard work has paid off because she’s created a super chill curated line of biker shorts and crops. And if you listened to last week’s What’s Your Drama podcast then you would have heard me talk about my hard-on for biker shorts – it’s what quarantine life is all about. You get sucked in, inner thigh chafe disappears and of course, they look damn cute. Clearly Cherry Gardens knows what’s up because they have designed the perfect athleisure get-up. 


My favorite combo is the Pony short paired with the Duval crop, however if you’re looking for more coverage Myla has also designed a high neck crop top if you’re not in the mood to show it all.