Welcome back to What's Your Drama. I'd explain what today's opening discussion is about but… it’s x-rated. Spoiler alert: Lainey’s body parts in shorts. 

Then it's time to get to your drama and this was a fun week of questions!


Our first letter writer is stuck in quarantine and thinking about her summer crush. Should she reach out even though they haven't been in touch for a year? SPOILER ALERT: YES!!!!!!

Then we move onto Lia who is having a hard time making friends at work, especially with a particular girl group. She wants to know how to get in there without sacrificing who she is.   

Finally, we end on Karen. All I have to say is that Karen writes in and asks a VERY Karen question. Stay for the question in its entirety because if you've never experienced a Karen in your life, then you'll get to know a Karen through this one.

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Attached: Hailey Bieber (in denim shorts) at an appointment in LA on May 22, 2020.