The most underrated yet arguably the most crucial accessory is the hair tie. I have very strict guidelines on what it takes to pass the test:

*It has to be durable with zero fraying of the material

*The composition of it cannot be wiry or sticky whereby single strands of my hair can catch


*It has to be able to hold all my hair back tightly without slipping, yet not too tight that it gives me a headache.  

*Andddd you have to be able to wear them on your wrist without it cutting off circulation.  

Dudes, it feels like it has taken me 41 years to find the mother of them all and I think I have done it with Kooshoo Organic Ties.

I’m telling you these are the best I've ever used. I mean, that’s all I really need to say. They check off everything on my list and more because beyond their high-level performance, Kooshoo’s also making an important impact on our planet. 


These eco-friendly ties are the world’s first plastic free hair elastics made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber, both of which are 100% biodegradable. Why that is so important is because get this: 20,000 pounds of hair elastics - or the equivalent weight of a city bus - are dumped into our planet each day, and that stat is just in the US alone.   

The fact that you can ditch the plastic and walk away with a much more superior product seems like a no brainer win/win. So I’m hoping you will all at least try them out and make this easy switch with me.    

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