Hand sanitizer, while not the sexiest purchase in the world, is still a necessity in pandemic life. And yes, of course we all know that this virus is airborne but f-ckin hell, I've been trained over the last two years to keep my hands so damn clean that at this point it's ingrained in me forever. So here we all are. And I don't know about you, but that other brand, the popular one that everyone knows, is a whole bunch of garbage so I've been on the hunt for *the* supreme in clean. I've tried all kinds of gels, sprays, and wipes but nothing comes close to Canadian, female-owned brand, Paume


If you haven't heard about them yet, then I'm glad you're here today because not only is this bottle effective (kills 99.9% of germs), but they've narrowed in on only 4 key ingredients that when combined takes your hand sanitizer game to the next level. First off, this formula is super moisturizing so say goodbye to dry, harsh, decaying skin. It goes on super silky and absorbs right in within seconds. Next is the brand's signature scent which consists of a 5 essential oil blend that is just divine. Think less tree hugger and more bougie spa. And if all of that still doesn't convince you, then the fact that they are eco-minded should tip the scale because Paume is seriously dedicated to their sustainability mission. From their packaging to their bottles, the brand has achieved an impressive net zero plastic footprint which you can read more about here.


And in exciting news, Paume has expanded their product line recently launching an exfoliating hand wash and probiotic hand balm. I have tried both and I have to say they are both total hits! Who knew you could get such a lux experience out of hand cleanliness but hey, if this is what self-care looks like in 2022, then I'll take any and all the wins I can get.

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