I typically like to test products out before I write about them but I couldn't help myself this time because I feel like I need to put Satya Organic on your radar STAT. I came across this proudly Indigenous-owned company a few weeks ago and after analysing all the reviews, I feel pretty confident that this product is as stellar as it seems.  


It all began when founder Patrice Mousseau's daughter was struggling with eczema and couldn't find anything on the market that was non-toxic and effective. So Patrice ballered up, researched her ass off and came up with Satya organic eczema relief in just two days.  


This product is a steroid-free, anti-inflammatory cream that can be used all over your face and body and get this, it's only made with five simple ingredients. Anyone with skin disorders knows how debilitating it can be so if this works - and again, look at the reviews!!! - this could actually be a life-changer. And who the hell isn't up for a life change right about now.  

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