For all you fall lovers out there, I can sense how excited you are for a layer. Me too! And if you didn’t already know, the blazer is gonna be our new BFF. Slightly oversized and boxy is the choice silhouette for the transitional wardrobe staple this season and if you already have one – congratulations! But if you’re like me and have never really invested in one, then let me show you the one I’m copping.


This one just landed in Aritzia and I know that because there’s a store right by my work and it’s basically the Cheers of my life. Yes, I’m 100% Norm. I live there. I just love this piece so much. The check is a timeless print that can easily be incorporated into your everyday looks. Throw it over a dress to get that juxtaposed menswear vibe or let it finish off a simple t-shirt and high-waisted jeans getup. And if you really wanna turn it up then I’d copycat the model above and do the matching printed pants and power suit your ass all through fall.    

Oh and if you're like Lainey, and have a hard-on for a houndstooth, this style also comes in a red and beige one ready for you to trailblaze in.  

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