Dear Gossips,

In yesterday’s Celebrity Social Media, Maria mentioned Jessica Pressler’s piece in The Cut about the nursery school drama happening in Brooklyn. As my friend Lorella said after reading it, “I ate it like a 7 course meal”. Me too. Like savoured. Everyone comes off as an asshole here. It’s Big Little Lies on the other side of the country with a new dynamic: traditional professions vs new professions, doctors and lawyers vs influencers, the boardroom parent vs the Vogue parent. Sh-t goes down at a gala! Sh-t goes down on Instagram! And so many celebrity cameos – from television to film to professional sports!

Jessica Pressler, by the way, is the author of another infamous piece in The Cut that was published back in 2015, “The Hustlers at Scores”, which has become a film starring Jennifer Lopez. More recently Jessica Pressler authored the delicious piece on scammer Anna Delvey. Shonda Rhimes acquired the rights to that article and is working on a series for Netflix.

It’s been 24 hours since Jessica Pressler’s pre-school soap opera was posted. Who’s making an offer this time? Or at this point, does she already have an agent who’s been giving people the heads up on her new work even before publication? Because it seems like every time she tells a story, it’s not only a must-read for all of us, Hollywood wants to put it on screen. Jessica Pressler’s work gives people work.

Yours in gossip,