This is not the first major event that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have attended together and walked the red carpet for. He accompanied her to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. And then again at the Met Gala. The newness, then, is gone. The strangeness of them as a couple of though – is that gone too? 

When Scarlett and Colin first started, back in April or so of 2017, there followed a few months of speculation about whether or not she was playing him, because she was also seen holding hands with her lawyer that summer, and Jost totally seemed like that “standby guy” she’d hit up on her time, when it was convenient. Jost ended up outlasting the lawyer. This, now, is a proper relationship. Look at how she’s looking at him. She thinks he’s the sh-t. She’s one of the people on the sidelines cheering on his brand of echo chamber comedy. And I think that’s why it works. Because Scarjo has her own echo chamber, and the voices inside of it told her she was Asian and trans. Together, then, they will always be right. Also super self-congratulatory. I can imagine they must be a joy to be around. 

This white dress is Balmain. It’s fine. It’s a lot better than the hideous Marchesa she wore to the Met Gala. And she seems to be growing her hair out. It’s been almost five years since we’ve seen her wear it long. Do you even remember? I had a hard time remembering so I decided to go back to March 2014. And this photo in particular, I glanced at it really quickly, and at first I thought it was Blake Lively.