Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are married. They started dating in 2017 after getting to know each other when Scarlett hosted Saturday Night Live. They got engaged last year. And now it’s official….they are ScarJost. 

The announcement is what’s most interesting, to me. It was Meals on Wheels that confirmed the news with “Jost Married” over a photo of the Staten Island Ferry:


Presumably Scarlett and Colin have also made donations to Meals on Wheels. This is the third such celebrity announcement of 2020 – stars revealing major personal news not through their own channels or on the cover of PEOPLE or a statement via a publicist released to news agencies but via a charitable organisation. 

Back in August Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced the birth of their daughter, Daisy, through UNICEF and set up a donation page; they are both ambassadors:

A month later Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski revealed that they’d welcomed their second child through INARA, raising awareness about the impact of conflict and war on children around the world. 

Now ScarJost has joined the club, connecting their happy news to a good cause. Three makes a trend, right? I’m not even sure “trend” is the right word given the intention behind these decisions; saying it’s trendy might suggest that this is insincere and of course, these were sincere intentions. The trend in this case however is meant to note the difference in what used to be du jour ten or fifteen years ago where celebrities and announcements were concerned. Deals were often made with major publications for exclusive photos and details from whatever it was that was being celebrated. Then came social media and celebrities took control of their announcements to boost their social media presence. Now, with these three recent reveals, and as the celebrity ecosystem continues to evolve and celebrity reputations and images continue to be debated and analysed in more detail than ever, we could see more and more celebrities shifting the influence from their status to benefit others when they have good news to share.