I’m always interested in celebrity schedules. Scarlett Johansson was at the Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on Saturday. Colin Jost was in New York for Saturday Night Live. So to join her at the Oscars last night, he would have had to fly out of NYC, probably Teterboro via private jet, right after the show, or maybe right after Update, I’m not sure if he was on stage for the farewell since I haven’t seen SNL this weekend yet. 

My point is, he would have had to be in LA no later than morning to account for traffic and getting ready, etc. And I’m guessing, probably, his tux would have been prepped for him in LA too? I want a documentary/docuseries on the person who makes those arrangements, or the group of people who do that work for their respective employers and the list of sh-t they have to think through that, well, probably a lot celebrities don’t appreciate. 

Anyway, Scarlett’s dress is making almost all the best dressed lists today and it’s good, this silver stranded gown that roped across her torso with the custom fit, tailored to her perfectly, and contoured precisely to show off her figure. It’s one of her better looks of this award season. 

So I was a little underwhelmed when she showed up at Vanity Fair in almost the same dress: 


Right? They’re SO similar. And when it’s that similar… why bother? Why not go with something that belongs to a different style family, or don’t change at all. Now I have to go back and forth and figure out which one I prefer – even though it could hardy matter because you’re still picking from the same family. When you have that many options, and Scarjo has ALL the options, I’m kinda surprised by this revelation.