Robert Pattinson recently celebrated his 36th birthday. There was a party in New York. His girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, was there and photographer Myles Hendrik posted on Instagram a shot of the two of them hugging. Not sure what the Robsten truthers are going to do with that one but this isn’t the picture that we’re here to talk about. 


We’re here to talk about Rob’s party guests, two in particular: Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis who were also photographed by Myles and, well, their faces were practically smashed together. You can see that shot here

Could it have been, um, a friendly moment? I mean… I’m not getting friends-only vibes from this photo but if that’s your read, sure. My read, however, is much more horny. Or, you know, they could have been re-enacting a scene from Pam & Tommy for sh-ts and giggles. But why are we bending over backwards looking for explanations when the most obvious one is that they’re hooking up? 

Previously in Annabelle’s love life, she was with Chris Pine for a couple of years. That relationship reportedly ended in March. Before that she dated Chris Martin. 


As for Sebastian, he seemed pretty serious with Alejandra Onieva. Last August she posted about him on IG: 

I’m assuming they’re no longer together because, well, if they are still together, this picture of him with Annabelle would be a problem. It would be a problem for me. If my boyfriend was like this at a party with another hot actor, it would be a big f-cking problem.  

So let’s go with Annabelle and Sebastian being single and sexy at the same time and into each other and now the question is…just the night, or is it more?