Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were at D23 this weekend, promotin their upcoming Disney+ show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The show has now progressed to the “having an official poster” phase. The poster reveals Bucky’s new look, including the loss of his bountiful locks. Check it out:

Stan got asked what the Bucky hair situation in the show will be and he said “I don’t know” about a hundred times, which is par for the course. He is second to only Jon Snow in knowing nothing. I fell down the rabbit hole of Bucky’s hair, timelining out Sebastian Stan’s series of haircuts over the last several years and it only just dawned on me that Bucky’s hair has been a wig/extensions this whole time, and yes, I have fully written up photos of Stan with short hair multiple times—I saw him in person with short hair, even!—and just blithely continued to assume that Bucky’s hair was natural. It’s official, Bucky had the best wig in all of Marvel. RIP Bucky’s wig.

Other Falcon/Winter Soldier news includes the addition of Wyatt Russell to the cast. He will be playing John Walker, aka US Agent. As implied by the name, he’s a Captain America knock-off, and has actually carried the shield before. Seems pretty clear the show is going to be about Sam Wilson proving he is the rightful heir to Cap’s shield. Meanwhile, I want to know who is going to be the heir to Bucky Barnes as the best head of hair in the MCU.