As you know, Sarah and Kathleen have been fighting over the title of First Stan Stan here at LaineyGossip because Sarah saw him first but then Kathleen caught feelings. Both of them are busy today though which means the neutral party (me) gets the Sebastian Stan post. 

Here’s Sebastian in New York yesterday promoting Avengers: Infinity War at AOL Build. The movie is expected to once again be #1 at the box office this weekend. It’s expected to pass a billion dollars worldwide today. That only took a week. Can we please talk openly about what happens on Monday? By Monday you don’t get to whinge about spoilers, OK? Until then, we’ll just have to talk about Sebastian’s white jeans.  

Reminds me of one of my favourite movies lines of all time – Maggie Smith in Gosford Park: 

“Difficult colour, green. Very tricky.”

White jeans are tricky. Sasha and talked about this on the Sasha Answers podcast recently – there’s something about white denim, it doesn’t relax the way blue denim does. I never feel 100 in white denim the way I do in blue denim. The closest I’ve come is probably 90? On top of that, men in white jeans is a thing for me. Because it’s hard to do well. White jeans illuminate areas. As Maggie said, they’re difficult. They’re difficult for Sebastian Stan. Maybe I would feel differently if he was wearing different shoes. Like sneakers. But these shoes? I’m really not feeling it in these shoes. 

In other Sebastian and general Avengers news, have you seen them all playing Know Your Chris? (Thanks Laura!) Of course Letitia Wright has the best reactions. Also Don Cheadle. What have we learned here? That Chris Evans is that theatre guy. So, like, basically Duana. (Duana’s a musical theatre person. Every few minutes or so, she’ll SING her answers when she’s talking to you. I’m sure you have one of those in your life.) And Chris Pratt, who participated in the KYC game, is really, really cute here when he extends the Chris Hemsworth Is A Dreamboat joke.