Taylor Swift has been in Australia just over a week now, playing three shows last week in Melbourne and four shows starting tomorrow in Sydney before heading to Singapore for six more. After that, though, it’s a two month break before she heads to Europe. So with that in mind… 


Travis Kelce has now joined her in Sydney and they were seen together at Sydney Zoo. This was Taylor’s second visit to the zoo since arriving in Sydney; she went the first time reportedly with members of her crew and she and Travis were there for the second with Sabrina Carpenter and some of the dancers. 


Season two of TNT has officially begun, on location. Not unusual for hit shows – bigger budget with a bigger audience. Succession comes to mind: didn’t season two begin in Iceland? I have visions of Kendall submerged under water at some kind of spa. Relax, I’m not comparing the highest-rated rom-com in recent memory to the tragicomedy of a wealthy family cannibalising itself. This is more about how we’re seeing TNT in different settings, away from New York sidewalks, the gridiron, and box seats at the stadium. Travis was working for all of season one, but Taylor’s work is dominating the schedule, at least for the next couple of weeks, and he’s the one flying out to see her instead, although this isn’t quite like how it was when she was flying out on weekends, for a couple of hours tops, from her homebase in New York, to watch his games. With the exception, of course, of the Super Bowl when she took off from Tokyo right after her last show there to make it to Vegas. Seriously, though, can we talk about how a schedule that was determined months and months and months ago, actually ended up accommodating his f-cking Super Bowl schedule?! Does Taylor Swift control the TVA? Maybe she should be cast as the new Kang.   


Still, Australia, and then Singapore, is a haul. If you’re going that far, you’re staying a while, especially when you’re on hiatus from your job. Presumably then, Travis will be with Taylor for the duration in Sydney and stay for the Singapore leg of the tour because then, as noted, she has two months off. From touring that is. 

The new album, The Tortured Poets Department, drops on April 19. So she’s left room in the schedule for promotion and other marketing related responsibilities, maybe video shoots, maybe photo shoots, some interviews… and/or, perhaps, a slight reset of the tour to account for the new songs on the new album which could require some rehearsal. Touring is one of the best ways to promote music, and I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t include any songs from TTPD when she’s kicking off the European leg of the tour in Paris just three weeks after the album’s release. 


So those two months off aren’t likely to be only for the love and romance. But, you know, maybe Travis can be part of the work. If there was any one of her boyfriends who’d be game to show up in a music video, it would be him. I can’t see him saying no, it would just be a matter of whether or not she wants it. 

But there’s also the Met Gala. You think they’ll make it to the Met Gala together? The first Monday in May is three days before she’s scheduled to perform in Paris. And it’s not like Anna Wintour wouldn’t want Taylor and Travis there. If I were Anna, I’d already have put the invitation out. To borrow from Sarah’s expression, Travis is a fashion girly, and he’s never been. Taylor hasn’t attended the Met Gala since 2016, when she co-chaired, and when she met both Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn, rumoured to be one of the Tortured Poets. What’s your prediction? Will she make a triumphant return to those red steps with her boyfriend, or nah? Let’s take this to The Squawk today. (app link here)