Selena Gomez celebrated the new year in Cabo. Conveniently Justin Bieber was also seen in Cabo. Apparently they were each with their own friends but hung out on NYE. So they closed out 2017 together. And they’re beginning 2018 together. Yesterday they were photographed leaving a private hot pilates class in LA. So far, since they’ve reconciled, we’ve seen them bike riding, going to hockey, going to exercise classes, and going to church. Fitness + spirituality. That’s supposed to be healthy, right? Isn’t it healthy? Or, like Kathleen and Emily, our site manager, are you still not a believer? 

You know what I don’t believe? Well, I shouldn’t say that. I believe it. I just don’t like it so I never do it: the hot exercising thing. I went to hot yoga class once, couldn’t breathe and I don’t think I stayed the whole time, I can’t remember because I may have passed out. Which is a thing that happens to me – I’m a fainter. I faint when I’m hot. Usually when I’m hot and on my period. Two summers ago I fainted on Duana’s street after walking home from dinner. I once fainted at the MET in New York City and had to be escorted from the building in a wheelchair. I find the heat impossible. I cannot do fitness when it’s hot. It has to be air conditioned. Or there has to be a fan on a treadmill blowing air right into my eyes and up my nose. This is why I don’t run outside in the summer. I don’t run outside as a rule, actually, because I need headphones on and don’t want to be snuck up on and kidnapped, but running outside in the summer is unbearable to me, in the heat. Jacek and I were on a beach holiday a couple of months ago and this dude kept running up and down the beach in blazing sun and I almost fainted just watching him. 

And now I’m looking at these pictures of Selena and Justin and their hair is all wet, probably not from a shower but from the hot pilates and I don’t get it, I don’t understand how people get through these classes because I’m telling you, my body is not built for it. So if yours is and you do it often, appreciate this talent. Not everyone has it.