Only Murders in the Building season three is filming now. Selena Gomez posted a video on Instagram yesterday showing her back on set with Steve Martin, Martin Short, Andrea Martin—are Charles and Joy happening?!—as well as Paul Rudd, and another season three newcomer…Meryl Streep!


This is her first major television role since Big Little Lies, which was itself her first on-screen television gig since the early 2000s. Meryl does not do a lot of TV, even as television has become the home of serious, grown-up dramatic acting over the last couple decades. But it’s interesting that the two TV roles she’s taken aren’t straight dramas. Big Little Lies was a fancy soap opera that leaned into its histrionic moments, and Only Murders is a straight-up comedy. Maybe that’s why she’s super picky with TV. Maybe she wants to do more comedy. Someone send her a Miracle Workers script. 


But I can’t wait to see her on Only Murders. They do not waste big-name stars. Do we think she’s playing a new resident in The Arconia? What if she’s playing a version of herself, like Sting and Amy Schumer before her? What if THAT apartment in The Arconia is cursed and it’s a revolving door of famous faces each season? Like it's the Spinal Tap’s drummer of apartments. 

Paul Rudd is, you’ll recall, playing the new Dead Body. His presence on Selena’s Insta—it’s so cute how they’re friends after filming The Fundamentals of Caring, they show up for each other a lot—suggests the scene they’re filming involves a still-living Ben Glenroy, so it must be a flashback. If Meryl is there, too, her character is maybe connected to Ben Glenroy? This is the true mystery to solve! Who is Meryl Streep playing in Only Murders?