Instagram always knows. As Kathleen posted earlier today, after Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were seen having breakfast together on Sunday morning (let’s come back to this in a minute), The Weeknd started unfollowing all of her friends and family. He even unfollowed her at one point, before following her again shortly after.

X17 has photos of Selena and JB together at his place in Malibu and there are also pap shots of JB in his car leaving Selena’s this morning after supposedly spending the night.

Now PEOPLE has confirmed that Selena and Abel are indeed over. According to their sources, they just weren’t seeing enough of each other because he’s been on tour. A couple of weeks ago, I posted photos of them together in Vancouver – she flew in to see him after shooting the new Woody Allen movie in New York. PEOPLE’s sources say that Selena and JB aren’t back together and that she and Abel are “still in touch”.

Right. But just before JB was papped at Selena’s last week, there was also speculation that Abel and Drake were beefing over whatever it is that Drake’s doing with Bella Hadid. And now JB and Selena are doing breakfast on a Sunday. It’s never just a breakfast on a Sunday though, is it? Sunday morning breakfasts are pretty loaded. Loaded for the third time?

JB and Selena V3.0?

Not going to lie. I’m kind of excited.