Yesterday, I wrote about Selena Gomez’s other big reunion of the week: she and her back-on BFF Demi walked a red carpet together for the first time in years. On Sunday, she reunited with her ex Justin Bieber. TMZ has photos of Selena and Justin arriving separately to her house for a “get-together” with friends. Their sources say Justin and Selena also hung out last week but that it’s strictly platonic. In fact, they say The Weeknd knows about the friendship and is totally cool with it. And that the only reason he wasn’t at Selena’s house with JB and friends is that he’s on tour. Sure.

There are a few reasons I’m calling bullsh-t on The Weeknd being OK with this scenario. One, being friends with your exes requires maturity. Bieber just tattooed gargoyles all over his torso. Mature, he is not. Two, The Weeknd’s sources made a point to tell TMZ that this was the first “face-to-face” Jelena meeting since they stopped sharing a couple name. They want to make sure we don’t get it twisted: they are not face-to-face friends. Three, there’s a history of bad blood here. Through sources, Bieber implied that Selena was using Abel for fame when they first started dating. Then, JB called The Weeknd’s music “wack.” THEN, he was petty and shady AF on Snapchat throwing not so subtle jabs at Selena’s man.

Now we’re supposed to buy that they’re all good? I refuse to believe that Bieber would have shown up to this get-together if The Weeknd was there. I won’t believe they’re all cool enough to hang out until I see it with my own eyes. Even then, you’re going to have to convince me that Justin didn’t pout in the corner the whole time. Some of you are going to email me and tell me that Bieber has found Jesus so he’s a new and improved version of JB. OK, for argument’s sake, let’s say that Justin and Selena are mature enough to be friends without benefits. What happens when Justin starts dating someone seriously? Do they go on double dates? Does it not get complicated? Spoiler alert: IT GETS COMPLICATED.

Funny enough, the conversation about staying friends with exes just came up in my relationship. The guy I dated before my current partner is now a screenwriter and director. We ran into each other at a party recently and he asked me to look over a screenplay he wrote. I think it’s FINE because I dated this guy for four months 7 years ago. The breakup wasn’t tumultuous and there was no drama. I don’t think it’s a big deal. However, my partner is less enthused. Is this a question for Sasha Answers? Anyway, my point is that even if one person thinks staying friends with an ex is a good idea, it’s inevitably going to cause drama.

It’s a good thing we’re in the business of celebrity drama. Watch this space.

Also attached - The Weeknd performing in Miami last night.