You’ve heard of the Male Gaze? Is there such thing as a Wife Gaze? If not, I’m claiming it. For Sam Taylor-Johnson. Sam’s husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is the face of Givenchy. He stars in the new fragrance ad for the brand. And she just posted it on Instagram:

I’m taking “what we made here” to mean that Sam directed this. Which is probably why he looks so next level f-cking sexy, GOD.DAMN. ATJ is almost never not sexy. But this? This is peak ATJ sexy. This is the sexiest he’s ever been. Because: the Wife Gaze. Because he’s being shot by his wife who has seen him at every angle, in every position, and knows all the angles and positions. Sam knows that ATJ can move. So she’s shooting him in motion. Look at him in motion. Are you still paying attention to me? I understand if you’re not because you had to click play on that video again. I can’t stop watching it either. Imagine what those moves look like – and feel like – in person. And don’t feel bad about imagining it. Because through her Wife Gaze, Sam is kinda giving us permission to. That’s the whole point of this ad. Thank you, Sam. I’m ordering a bottle.