I don’t know if it’s actually a romper or if it’s two pieces but it’s intended to look like it’s a romper, I think, so we’re calling it a romper and not fighting about that. 

What we might be fighting about is whether or not this look works. I don’t think it doesn’t work – I really do like the big puffy sleeves – but I think it would work better if not for the V-neck and the cut out at the waist. Because the sequins and the sleeves and the black ribbon, all of that is already doing enough. You don’t need any more details for no reason other than to show some skin at the stomach. It doesn’t add anything to the design…and it might even take away from it. 

Also… the hair isn’t my favourite, specifically the bangs. 

Bangs are hard like this, at this length and scattered across the forehead in pieces. It’s hard because they look sweaty and greasy. And uncomfortable. Like for me, it would make me crazy having strands of hair here and there poking into my eyes like that.