After hanging out with Tom Cruise at the Miami GP on Sunday, there have been all kinds of rumours about how he’s trying to sign a deal with Shakira to be his girlfriend. Shakira, however, might be preoccupied with someone else. 


On Sunday night Shaki and Lewis Hamilton were seen at the same restaurant in Miami. 

Yesterday, they were papped with friends on a boat cruise. TMZ has the photos. Two sightings in a week? What does it mean?


It could mean nothing, obviously. Famous people hang out together all the time. But it could potentially mean something since she’s now single and he’s been single and they’re both super successful and super hot and it would be great for gossip and also great for revenge. I know we’re not supposed to live for revenge but I’ll never not be petty and I love this for her, especially since Lewis is a major upgrade on Gerard Piqué. Trust me, if Shakira and Lewis really do end up being a thing, Gerard would be bothered. 

In other Lewis news, can I just go back a week because I didn’t have a chance last week to post about this look in Miami. And if you didn’t see it, you need to see it – the purple sequined jumpsuit. 


It’s Rick Owens and it’s custom. CUSTOM. Imagine wearing a custom fit just to walk around the paddock for a few minutes. Where is this going to live? How long before he wears it again?!