Rebecca Hall is one of the jurors at Cannes this year. (French star Vincent Lindon of Titane and Both Sides of the Blade fame is the jury president.) Here is Hall arriving in Nice ahead of the festival, with a great tousled pixie that is once again reminding me that I like short hair on other people, not myself. It’s a super cute cut on her. Also loving her sunglasses, there’s already a lot of good shades style going on in France, but more on that later. For now, it’s time for another round of shameless self-promotion. OH, did you think I was DONE? I am NOT!


Hall’s latest film is Resurrection, which is playing the Chicago Critics Film Festival this Wednesday (you can get tickets here). It’s a nerve-shredding psychological thriller centered on a brilliant performance by Hall, but no matter how tense and uptight the film makes you, hang in there for the ending because Hall goes OFF. We do not make a big enough deal about what a great actor she is, but she is one of the very best, and Resurrection plays to all of her strengths as a performer. It’s great, she’s great, I kind of wanted to throw up from the tension halfway through but it’s totally worth it to stick it out and just see where the film goes and how hard Hall goes at it in her performance. This is a very good Cannes jury, for what I hope will be a very good Cannes fest. We need it. We deserve it. Give us glamor and chaos and a Palme d’Or we’ll talk about for ages. But first, see Resurrection in Chicago! And thus concludes this round of Shameless Self-Promotion ft. Rebecca Hall.