Mandy Moore received her star on the Walk of Fame yesterday. Her This Is Us costars were there to celebrate with her. But another costar made a surprise appearance: Shane West aka Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember. 

Look, that movie was my WHOLE SH-T for a year. That movie was sh-t too, yes, that is correct. But I know I’m not the only one who was all wrapped up in Jamie and Landon and their hilariously bad high school play and the hilariously corny date they went on when he knocked off several things from her “list”, like being in two places at once while straddling the state border – DON’T LIE, YOU LOVED THAT PART. I don’t even have to look at Kathleen to know she’s crying just remembering that part. 

So just let me have this. Let us have this, for those of you who, like me, are unapologetic in your devotion to A Walk to Remember which… is it on Netflix anymore because I think I tried to find it over Christmas with a bag of Oreos and it didn’t work on my account?

While you’re working on the answer to that question, let’s talk some more about the movie. Like Landon’s douchebag best friend, you know the one: Dean. Obviously I hated Dean. But how perfect was that casting? Even the way he held his bag, one of those bags only douchebags carried around, the kind held together by a string because he thought he was too cool to wear a backpack, was perfect. You know who played Dean? “We are through forever!” – that Dean? 

Clayne Crawford. Yeah, the same asshole who was fired from Lethal Weapon last year for being an asshole, which he claims was an overblown story but… I mean…sometimes a face really is a window to the soul, you know?

Anyway, here are Mandy and Shane giving us a Jamie and Landon throwback:


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And attached – some more shots of Mandy with Shane at her ceremony yesterday. And now, because I know you want this, please enjoy and cringe. You know YOU LOVE IT. I know I loved Shane West so hard, like more than any other movie star, for much, much too long after this.