Ten years ago, Heidi Klum used to be the Halloween authority. She goes all out for Halloween – elaborate costumes, hours of makeup, requiring weeks and weeks of planning. That was before Instagram. With Instagram, any and all celebrities are balls to the wall for Halloween, basically going to the same efforts. I wonder if Heidi feels like she has to find another gear now because of this. This year she documented her Halloween process in front of a live audience. (Dlisted)

I think I’ve seen the Blade movies with Wesley Snipes…but I don’t remember them. If we’re comparing vampires, are they better than the Twilight movies? That’s not really a high bar though, is it? (Pajiba) 
This Hot Bitch Sharon Stone in a gorgeous cream monochrome outfit – if there’s an outfit that screams LUXURIOUS, it would be this one. Does it remind you of anything though? It reminds me of her wardrobe in Basic Instinct. Of course you know the white dress. But there was also a gorgeous cream sweater with a wrap that she wore in the beach scene. Every time I watch that movie, the quality of the fabrics in her clothes always pops out at me. You can almost feel how soft they are against her body, as soft and decadent as the outfit she’s wearing here. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The Crown Season 3 will soon be upon us. Charles becomes an adult and, really, what we’re all waiting for is The Crown: The Diana Years. Prince Charles was a big deal during the early part of the Diana Years but…well…you know what happened after. And so his aides are said to be worried that The Crown will resurrect all those feels the public had about him and Camilla and the tampon. Which is why, supposedly, some of the courtiers don’t want anything or anyone to do with The Crown associated with Charles. And when Olivia Colman received her CBE the other day, it was Princess Anne who presented it to her. Coincidence or conspiracy? Also… how convenient for Charles that his ascension is becoming ever closer and his sons, always more popular than he’s been for the last 20 years, are the subject of so many sh-tty headlines. (Cele|bitchy) 

I couldn’t decide between these two quizzes because they both check my boxes: one is about rom-coms and the other is about food and mythical creatures. Should we start with the rom-com? You plan a date and it’ll tell you what kind of rom-com you belong in. I’m apparently the kind of person who should be in an amnesia rom-com? OK. As for my food to mythical creature connection – I’m a DRAGON! (Buzzfeed)