I wrote yesterday about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello and how they clearly have no f-cks to give right now about what a heatscore they are together. They’ve been inseparable, she’s joined him on tour, the fans keep finding them, they don’t hide. And now they’re at the beach in Miami and in the pool too, kissing, and there can be no mistake now – not that anyone really doubted it – that they are together, that they are Summer Love, the 2019 edition, skeptic be damned. 

I would like to declare right now that I am not a skeptic. I mean, I’ve tried to lay out why there are skeptics, but that’s not the side of the cafeteria that I belong to. I’m on the side of the cafeteria that is OBSESSED. They’re too f-cking cute to deny. And also really, really f-cking hot. This is the rom-com content I’m subscribing to right now. And this is my narrative:

In my version of Shawn Hearts Camila: A Love Story, Shawn has crushed on Camila forever. She’s been friend-zoning him for years. And then “Señorita” happened and she was like… whoa, I feel that HEAT. And he was like, yeah, I’ve been waiting for you to feel that heat. So after they shot the video, she couldn’t stop thinking about him and he couldn’t stop thinking about her and here we are now, they can’t stay away from each other. Would you want to stay away from each other if you were one of them?!