Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are together during lockdown. They went live on Instagram the other day for the Global Citizen Together at Home concert series, featuring artists performing while social distancing, encouraging people to stay in, keep their distance, and help flatten the curve. During their broadcast, Shawn and Camila sang together, talked about watching Harry Potter during isolation, and showed off their Miami glow. Or their love glow, whichever you prefer. 


God they both have such good hair. And skin. Which was on display yesterday when they were photographed out for a walk and kissing. 

Hot right? Just agree with me and say they’re hot because I’m not in the mood to be a cynical bitch right now but, I guess, while we’re here, if we’re still debating whether or not Shawn and Camila are real, if they aren’t real, they’re in for a ride now that they’re SD-ing together because nobody knows how long this is going to last so they better be sure that they can stand it for the next however many weeks or months, depending on whether or not we can all get our sh-t straight and stop going to the beach or to the playground or on playdates. Does the fact that they’re isolating together convince you more or less that they’re legit?