It’s not like it’s new that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are dating. In fact, it’s quite obvious that they’re dating. They just haven’t said out loud that YES WE ARE 100% DATING. But I don’t know why we need it to be vocalised. People are confusing and I don’t blame children for being like, growing up is f-cked. We teach them that a picture is worth a thousand words. And there have been PICTURES. So many pictures. Of Shawn and Camila very clearly dating. But there are those who still need to hear them say it. So now, he’s said it – at a Q&A in Australia this week: 

First of all, fans kill me. If a reporter asked this during an interview, they’d be thrown out of the room. And then fans would be all like, HOW DARE YOU ASK HIM THAT AND INVADE HIS PRIVACY. Here’s someone who straight up wants to know from him how long he and his girlfriend have been together. The surprise here is that even though during these Q&As he usually tries to sidestep the Camila questions, he gives a specific answer. He and Camila have been together since the Fourth of July. As it happens, they were seen at a Fourth of July Party in LA – so did they start dating right at this moment

If you’re a fan who’s not cynical, this is just more to squeal over. If you’re someone who’s cynical, and you consider he’s been on tour for weeks and she’s been working too so they’ve not spent that much time together and haven’t been photographed, you’re wondering …did he answer it this way to make sure that we know that they’re still dating?