That is a shamelessly thirsty headline. And I am shamelessly thirsty for your attention, we’re doing what we can here for your clicks, knowing that there’s a part of the internet that gets hard and wet for Jeremy Allen White. 


It started of course last summer with the release of The Bear


…and while I wasn’t a passenger on that train a year ago, I did just watch the second episode of season two this week and that scene where Carmy is flirting with Claire in the convenience store? There might have been a tingle, maybe there was a tingle. 

Jeremy is coming out of a breakup. I mean, sure, he’s probably always been in good shape and you can tell on the show, he has cut arms, but he might also be taking it to the next level right now with his post-split revenge body. 

As ripped as he is though, this for me isn’t the sexiest set of photos of Jeremy that we’ve seen this week. You know when he’s the hottest? When he’s on the picket line with his fellow actors and writers. 


And doing so with his former colleagues. 


“We’re just out here because the studios are being ‘shameless’.”

As the week has progressed, and this is the first full week of both unions striking together, we’ve seen more and more higher profile performers join the picket lines. I’d be interested in knowing what the strategy is here, if there is one, to involving the big names. Because with the big names, the photos travel farther and wider and keep the issue in the general public consciousness. 


Industry insiders have said that since the unions and the producers are so far apart, the strike isn’t going to end any time soon. Some people have even thrown out January as a possibility for when productions might actually resume. So, in that time, is SAG-AFTRA putting a rotation in place of stars who will be out there representing the actors so as to space out the photo opportunities? Or is it just more like whoever can show up and where and when just come? 

If it were me, I’d put together a schedule. Coordinate this sh-t the way they do for promotional releases, making sure the message stays consistently at the top of the feed, and keeping the pressure on the AMPTP