This coming weekend is Easter weekend. Next week is weekend of Coachella 2023 and Bad Bunny is one of the headliners. The conversation around Bad Bunny right now, though, has less to do with his music and more to do with his situation with Kendall Jenner. Earlier this week the two were photographed horseback riding – you can see the pictures here


News of Benito and Kendall’s relationship did not land well with some of his fans. Maybe even a lot of his fans, and I get that, I get the perceived disconnect here and why, for certain people, Benito spending time with Kendall could be seen as a betrayal of what he has represented. 

But going back to Coachella… and by now we’ve had over a decade of experience with the Kardashian-Jenner playbook and how things work in that ecosystem… should we be expecting a Kardashian-Jenner support caravan at the festival for Bad Bunny’s set? Will it be just one weekend or both weekends? How many K-J members will show up? Will it just be Kendall along with her model crew? Or will all the sisters and Kris make their way there? 

Because, well, if history has shown us anything where this family is involved, it’s not like they’re afraid of a spotlight. And while Kendall may be lower-key, in comparison, to some of the others, Bad Bunny is her most high-profile hookup. He’s the most globally streamed artist, several years running. He is a BIGGGGGG f-cking deal. Nobody is more aware of this than Kris Jenner. 


So, like I said, a lot of people have a lot of thoughts about Benito and Kendall. Emma Specter shared 15 of them in a piece for Vogue the other day

Take note of #5 on the list because Ben Affleck is namechecked. I bring this up because Violeta messaged with a video last night that sent me… 

And the comments underneath are pretty great too. To be clear, this is not my community, I am fully aware of it. I hope I can be here as a gossip observer to how some people are reacting to Bad Bunny right now. If Kendall turns it into Koachella, it looks like there will be more of this. 

Attached - Kendall out yesterday in Beverly Hills.