As promised last week, this new episode of Show Your Work is all about YOUR work. As we’ve seen from Hollywood work, many work issues are relatable across industries, whether you’re a production manager on a film or a project manager for the launch of a new product or supervising a unit in a research lab or the head nurse in the ICU. All of those work questions we answer fare applicable to other people at work. 


We begin with a question about storytelling and who gets to tell them and what voices to represent. Sometimes, though, focusing too much on telling the “right” story gets in the way of just telling the story. No one ever gets it on the first try.

Here’s one that all of us have probably have some experience with, from the time we were in school to when we had our first and last jobs. Remember when you were working on a group class project and someone didn’t pull their weight? It happens in grownup work life too, right? So what do you do? Especially when, often, the problem isn’t with the individual but with how the individual was enabled. 

And finally, from the beginning to the middle to the end, what is the work in leaving a job? Is there an ideal way to go? And if so, how do you pull it off? What is the cost of wanting to improve a work environment even when you’re not there anymore? Is it worth it? 

Thank you so much for all of your work questions – and we want more of them! We loved this episode, we loved learning about your work, your dilemmas, and your successes. Please share more because we really want to do another episode like this!