Did you hear last week that many actresses will be wearing all-black for sure at the Golden Globes and maybe through award season as a sign of solidarity to protest sexual harassment in the industry? On the new episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I discuss the implications – this is a symbolic gesture, but can it move the needle? And, beyond fashion, what needs to happen to effect real change? 

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will likely be in black then at the Globes where they’re nominated for Big Little Lies. It was confirmed last week that BLL will return for a second season, prompting accusations of category fraud. This category fraud thing is becoming an award season trend. Every year there’s a charge of category fraud. Is this one legit though? HBO and David E Kelley have defended their position. Does it hold up? 

Saoirse Ronan is currently a favourite to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance in Lady Bird. Have you seen Lady Bird yet? I surprise Duana by going off on a rant about Lady Bird – not against Lady Bird, but in defence of what Lady Bird represents. And then we debate Saoirse’s career strategy and the backlash she’s received. 

We also get into Hong Chau who’s also up for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award in the supporting category and why she has to keep defending her accent in Downsizing. As always, I take the opportunity here to talk about hair. And finally, this wonderful tweet thread from @jenarnold22 inspired us to make our 2018 work resolutions. 

Thank you so much for listening all year to our podcast about work. Thank you for sharing your commitment to work. Thank you for supporting Show Your Work. We appreciate your tweets and emails and your criticisms. Please do not stop shouting at us and please do not stop showing YOUR work. 

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