Chris Evans was featured in TIME last week as one of “27 people bridging divides across America” with his new website, A Starting Point. It was supposed to launch at SXSW but since SXSW and, well, everything else has been postponed or cancelled outright, he and his team are now working towards a new date. Chris says his goal is to make sure people are hearing each other, from both sides of the debate and this is what he’s working on now. On this episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I discuss celebrity lanes, celebrity responsibility, and whether or not celebrities can remain apolitical in these times. We also find a way to connect Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to Captain America. 

But everyone is working differently these days because of the global health crisis brought on by COVID-19. How much time are you all spending on Zoom? Many screenwriters now have taken their writing rooms to Zoom to break story and, of course, this is making it so that the stories can continue, that production can continue as quickly as possible once quarantine has lifted, but what’s lost in Zoom and on video conferencing? What elements of work can’t be done virtually? And how also is this work at home thing affecting our work hours, across all industries? I’m sure by now you’ve seen this video:


I LOVE HER. And she just did a legit commercial – from home!

Anyway, to the parents who are working from home AND who’ve also become teachers, we salute you!

Finally, to the tale of two brothers who are busier than ever during the pandemic, in their respective ways. One is a journalist, the other the governor of New York. Here is what happens when they met on the job recently: 

LOLOLOLOLOL. This still makes me laugh, and I’ve seen it a dozen times. Here’s the question though: is it real? Like even during a f-cking pandemic, are these two that crabby with each other? Or… is it a recurring bit, like a sketch on Saturday Night Live

Thanks again for listening and for your patience as we record while practising physical distancing and so the sound quality might not be idea. We’re here though and we appreciate all your notes about working in the time of coronavirus! Please keep sending your thoughts and experience, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and leave comments and reviews!