I am bigging up my colleague: Duana’s post on the college admissions scam last week was the most comprehensive piece on the scandal because, as she has since shared, she’s been studying schools and applications and elite admissions for 25 years. If she has a PhD in anything, it’s this – which is why it felt like all her work, all her years of nerding out on this niche thing, was finally put to use (after years and years of lecturing all of us about it) when the news broke. 

On this episode of Show Your Work, we go inside baseball on the work of writing about the story, how Duana put her essay together, and where this scandal might be headed next. Here’s a link to one of the reference texts that came up during our dicussion. 

From there we move on to Lilly Singh who will be the first woman of colour to host a late-night television show in September. What is the work that brought her to this moment? What’s the work that has to be done from now until the launch? What impact will this have on the new and traditional media moving forward? What template has she just created for social media stars? 

And from new to… well… old – it’s time to talk about JK Rowling. And we don’t mean “old” as in age but in perspective and process. There’s been backlash recently over comments she made about Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s relationship in Fantastic Beasts 2 but, really, this has been building for some time now because of her seeming inability to stop ret-conning her work. How does someone who’s delivered great work in the past fumble as they move ahead with new work? Is there a way to maintain the integrity of past work while building on it? Are you in as much pain as I am about this?! 

Thank you so much for listening and supporting Show Your Work. Thank you so much for YOUR work. The messages we have received this season have been so enlightening. In particular, we received an email from a reader called Amitha who wrote this piece for The Boston Globe about bullying in medicine and how the work culture in the medical community may need to be reconsidered. Thanks Amitha for showing your work – this is OUTSTANDING WORK.  

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