This week on the Show Your Work podcast, which also happens to be the first episode of Season 2: 

We come back to a Hollywood in crisis – across all entertainment divisions. Many of you have written to ask about Sarah Silverman’s response to the Louis CK revelations and that was our lead-in at the top of the episode into how Hollywood has reacted over the last several weeks as more and more men are called out for their grossness. 

It’s all happening during award season and it will no doubt have an impact on award season. Last week The Hollywood Reporter published its Actress Roundtable featuring Mary J Blige, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney, Jennifer Lawrence, Saoirse Ronan, and Emma Stone. Jessica had some very specific notes about how she approaches equality in her career. Jennifer Lawrence, however, was the most “powerful” voice at that table, in terms of box office and quote, and Duana and I discuss if and when Jennifer will start leaning on it. 

From there, it’s over to Drake. Drake did not say much in his THR profile about his ambitious push into television and film. But this was unmistakably a declaration. Who was it for though? And is a Drake a reformer or a revolutionary? 


How a foxy pair of tights became THE fashion statement of the week and gave us a name we definitely care about now: Radhika Jones. 

Welcome to Season 2 of Show Your Work! Thanks so much for supporting us through season 1 and for caring about season 2. When we started this podcast last year, we had no idea that our show about the work of Hollywood would happen while the workings of Hollywood would be so dramatically exposed and disrupted. Please join us every week as we break down how Hollywood might be breaking down and the work that’s being done to save it and, perhaps, remake it. 

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