Savannah Guthrie anchored The Today Show from her home today as she hasn’t been feeling well and is in self-isolation. But the work must go on. So this is what it looked like:


That shot of all those lights and monitors is basically porn for our podcast. Obviously they have the budget to run the equipment over to her house, including the teleprompter, but it’s still an adjustment, just as many of us are making adjustments to our work lives in order to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of Covid-19. For me and Duana, that means recording Show Your Work over FaceTime, which is what we did on Monday, and that’s how it’s going to be for the next … couple of weeks? More? 

So on this episode, we talk about how social distancing is affecting work culture and the work processes that are changing, particularly where live broadcasts are concerned. I put this out there last week in What Else?, when I linked to how The View and many other shows are now going live without an audience and since I work on a daytime talk show called The Social here in Canada, whether you might like to know the inside baseball on the tweaks we’ve made to our production. Thanks to those of you who responded and are curious about it.  

Duana and I walk through the changes that been implemented and the rationale behind the decisions and what more needs to be done. And we’re not done. Because, well, we’re going to try to produce more episodes than usual per week as we all practise social distancing, so look for another new episode by the weekend. Let us know how you’re working differently right now. And let us know what stories you want to deep dive. We’ll definitely be talking about entertainment options for all this extra time you’re spending at home. 

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Stay safe!