On this week’s episode of Show Your Work, we begin with Michael B Jordan, the Movie Star. Hollywood doesn’t produce very many movie stars anymore. For the last few years, every time a movie star can’t open a movie, we start talking all over again about the death of the movie star. And here comes MBJ with a second blockbuster to close the year, and the solidification of a franchise. 

But what did it take from MBJ to become a Movie Star? What was the work…and WHERE was the work? We go back through MBJ’s movie star path and, of course, we take a long stop at Friday Night Lights as Duana sermonises about the series while I levitate in the congregation. 

From there, we move on to the clitoris. This story was suggested to us by a reader called Diana after seeing the following tweet by Rachel Bloom:

This is a discussion about how female pleasure has been misrepresented in entertainment and the consequences of that fraud. The clit is ignored. Why is Hollywood so sh-t at showing how women get off? Why did Hollywood seem to get WORSE at it? Who’s doing good work where the woman’s orgasm is concerned – and the realistic way to get there? Will it ever get better? 

Finally, how do you take an old story – history, basically – and make it new? Thanks to a reader called Sadie for pitching this: it’s the wives of Henry VIII and we are excited because it’s exactly the kind of fresh thinking we are always looking for. Here’s your starter pack. Meet Six



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