After last week’s US election and what happened in Georgia, we received multiple requests to feature the work of Stacey Abrams on the next episode. Stacey Abrams’s efforts to increase voter registration and turnout in Georgia have been highlighted in the days since the state flipped blue and she has been rightfully credited for her contributions. 


Of course we know Stacey can hustle. Of course we know that she pushed forward with purpose after losing her bid to become governor of Georgia. Of course we know she’s intelligent and determined. But Duana and I are focusing on the skillset that may not get enough attention and the impact it had on Stacey’s approach. Because Stacey contains multitudes – and one of her multitudes is that she’s a romance author. On this episode, Duana and I posit that her romance writing, her romance storytelling, her romantic creativity, and her understanding of fantasy definitely made a difference in her ability to connect with voters.

What was it about Alex Trebek that connected him to Jeopardy! viewers – and beyond – for over 30 years? What is the Show Your Work involved in being a game show host, arguably the most beloved and trusted game show host of our time? As we mourn the loss of Alex, we also celebrate that which made him so popular and so admired. Being Canadian comes up, of course, and so do soap operas. 

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