Today is the first day of House Sussex V 2.0. And since they no longer can have “royal” in the names of their accounts, and we happen to have Duana, The Name Therapist here, we discuss on this new episode of Show Your Work what naming possibilities are available to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they rebrand after getting the f-ck out of coloniser central. Then we imagine House Sussex as the WWE and imagine what kind of Sussex content we would Pay-Per-View. Your suggestions, of course, are always welcome. 

During this time of physical distancing, live television continues to adapt and reinvent itself. And, surprisingly (at least to us), it’s been Jimmy Fallon who’s been coming through with some of the funniest content, because of his two secret weapons: daughters Frances and Winnie. Have you been watching? Here’s an example: 


His expressions kill me. And I suspect that he looks much like many other parents working from home because… kids DO NOT GIVE A F-CK ABOUT YOUR JOB. But this is work now. For you and for late night talk show hosts. 

Mariah Carey’s reality, on the other hand… 

Well. She does have her own home studio. So we end off this episode with some Mimi appreciation for her at-home workspace. 

Thanks again for listening and we apologise for any audio glitches while we record while physical distancing. We appreciate the support though and hope you subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts!