On this episode of Show Your Work, we get into the various award show nominations leading up to the Oscars and what they mean. Are there some that are more “important” than others? And which award is the “Andrea Zuckerman” of award season? Beverly Hills 90210 analogies aplenty are coming at you. 

Then – Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live this past week and…it was kinda flat, right? She is one of the most hardworking women in the business; she does it all, she’s been doing it all especially this year. For the most part, her “all” has been at such a high level – and she’ll likely be nominated for Oscar…so what happens when one of her many jobs didn’t meet the usual standard? Duana has a conspiracy theory about JLo and SNL. Actually it’s two conspiracies stacked on top of one other. Very curious to know what you all think of where she’s going with this. 

And finally, the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer came out the other day and Diana has a new best friend. The Hollywood Reporter wondered whether or not it hinted at a “queer romance”. We discuss what this means for the movie and why this is way more interesting than whatever’s happening between Diana and Steve Trevor. Reference reading for this comes from Kim Brooks’s piece for The Cut about “a friendship affair”. 

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