We’re back! Thanks so much for all of your messages the last few months during our hiatus. We’re back –just in time for award season and the imminent launch of Apple TV+ which is supposed to challenge for streaming service supremacy right out of the gate with The Morning Show starring and executive produced by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. 

So we’re starting with Jen and her comeback to television 15 years after the end of Friends and pretty much exactly 25 years after the series started back in 1994. Which of course she capitalised on yesterday as she joined Instagram and broke Instagram, at least for a few hours. She was also trending in the top 3 on Twitter for several hours. Because, yes, she’s one of the last celebrity social media holdouts. But also, as Duana and I discuss on this week’s episode, because she’s one of the few stars of a previous generation of television who’s been able to sustain her popularity, not by pivoting to movies but because of the medium she’s coming back to – which has changed, for sure, and that’s where we pick up the discussion: how is Jen adjusting her approach to work and how did her previous work allow for the flexibility. Reference article: her profile in last week’s Variety.

From there we move on to Hasan Minhaj and his profile in this month’s Vanity Fair, specifically as it relates to how his identity has shaped the way he’s presented on his Netflix talk show. Hasan refuses to work by the rules – or at least the rules that were prescribed in the past. We deep dive on why this makes his work exciting and fresh, and why clearly people are responding to it. 

And… finally, we’re staying with TV, because there was a big shakeup at Fox News late last week and it was a major news story across the board. We get into the work of resigning and unpack the inside baseball behind delivering a live breaking news story – when you’re the subject!

It’s good to be back! Thanks so much for your support of our show. And please, let us know your thoughts, leave comments and reviews wherever you get your podcast. They mean a lot to us and help us with our work too.