I can’t take credit for the “Hermione Granger of Feng Shui”. That’s all Duana. And she came up with it off the top of this week’s episode of Show Your Work, during a discussion about my Ma’s annual Chinese zodiac and feng shui forecasts. Many of you have written over the last couple of weeks about the signs of the zodiac and their corresponding elements and why the Squawking Chicken’s list doesn’t necessarily match up to what you may have seen elsewhere online. She has a response for you. And then I try to explain, as simply as possibly, her research process which includes old school texts.

From there, it’s time to talk about Will Smith, who is so GREAT on Instagram. But when’s the last time you’ve had as much fun at a Will Smith movie as you’ve had enjoying his IG? His IG has become a Dad-gram. Is the dad thing behind his career moves too? 

Gina Rodriguez’s latest career move is “director”. She talked to Variety about her directorial debut on Jane The Virgin. And how and, in particular, WHEN she prepared for it. This is everything that Show Your Work is all about. Gina just keeps doing it. 

I mentioned Quincy Jones’s Vulture interview twice last week. Have you read it yet?!? “Be a Pisces. Jam.” David Marchese did that interview. It was actually his second interview of the week. Because there was also a conversation with Bernadette Peters which was totally different but also very much the same. This is a conversation about the work that goes into a great interview. 

And finally…this is an old story, several years old, but for some reason it popped up in our feeds again this week and it’s too amazing not to revisit. Because we should ALL have an Ice Cube “Today Was A Good Day” project. Donovan Strain put in the work. Just like Hermione Granger. It deserves acknowledgement. And it comes with a challenge. 

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